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About Mily Serebrenik

 Mily's vision as makeup artist

Mily Serebrenik ( has become known as the go-to makeup artist for unique and dramatic makeup looks.

Dramatic eye makeup by Mily Serebrenik

"I am passionate about creating unique and strong looks. My priority is to emphasize the features of a face either with simple and minimalist makeup or by creating amazing textures and makeup orgies. 

My career as a makeup artist started in Brazil working for MTV and I have worked for the last 20 years in creating looks for fashion and beauty editorials, advertising, fashion shows, art projects, films, music videos and performances. (Here are a few music clips with makeup by Mily.)

I’m influenced by my exotic night life, vintage photography, art, fashion and also from my time living in New York in the late 80’s, in Berlin in the 90’s and in São Paulo." 

art lipstick makeup on lips by Mily Serebrenik

Photography: Dinah Hayt

Mily's dream

 "There was no point in launching yet another makeup line unless it was something totally new"

"Back in my early MTV days in Brazil I started having so many ideas – but I could not even imagine what to do with them. For many years working as a makeup artist the ideas kept still spinning in my head. And when in Paris, I realized that the time had come to make them pop out, one by one.

As a makeup artist for all those years I live and breathe the cosmetic world. There was no point in launching yet another makeup line unless it was something totally new.

Makeup today is about lifestyle. Life is getting faster and faster. My products are about having a perfect everyday look or a look to die for, in just a few seconds. MILYsurely revolutionizes the whole concept of makeup.

I hope you love my products as much as I do..."



Mily at work

Eye flashes in fashion magazine


Mily's eye flashes in Vogue Magazine


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